Saturday, August 13, 2011


Mom says she hopes this newfound skill can put me through college.  All I gotta say about that is "uugghh"!
And well, perhaps an olympic swimmer?  Lets not all jump to conclusions.


Thursday, July 21, 2011


I finally turned the big ONE! and because of this landmark success, 
I had many celebrations!
First off Paradise Cove in Malibu where I found the rainforest of the ocean

ooh the memories of sand made me wanna go go go!
Nobody could keep their hands on me, not Aunty Jennifer
 not grandma...
Not even mom!
but when she finally caught me, she disclosed the mere fact that when my hair gets wet, I can resemble  Mr. Trump
I was so excited with Grandpa
and Uncle Rich
That trying to put me down for a nap was impossible!
which inevitably forced my first taste of real sugar
Everyone sang such an unfamiliar song, and I wanted nothing better than to clap!
and of course, snuck a few bites while mom wasnt looking!
Gifts, gifts, galore!
 and they kept coming...
 and coming,
and coming like the energizer bunny!
I love all my ʻohana and friends who helped me celebrate my birth, and yet I had no idea what mommy and daddy had in store for me
yes, bowling
are they crazy?  I mean... I cant even carry the big, orange ball!
but as usual, they redeem themselves for an actual JULY 12th celebration with that sweet stuff again!
But little did I know...
 We were headed to DISNEYLAND!
 And I gotta say I highly enjoyed it...
along with the most wonderful balloon Iʻve EVER seen!
Even these silly ears never bothered this birthday boy
With exhaustion plaguing me, I still conjured up the energy to dance!
My levels were completely extinct by the end of the day.  My first year was filled with joy, tears, exploration, pointing, running, bruises, delicious food, but better yet...laughing with every person I encountered.  Thank you to everyone who made me feel special and so lucky to be a part of this wonderful world!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Being that this was my third trip to Hawaiʻi,
I did a lot of growing up right in my grandmas yard.
I learned how to brush my own teeth,
climb some stairs,
clap my hands,
paddle on a surfboard,
stand up on a surfboard,
and grow amongst the trees!
They got me doing all these new tasks, Iʻm simply pooped!
But I persevered and the next day, I was on a back hoe with Uncle Charlie cleaning away the big, tall grass.
And trying on big, man hats!
I was once again reunited with my beautiful Juliet.
As well as my diva cousin Charlie Rose.
Me and Pualīlīlehua pressed play on our friendship,
and I cannot wait to become as big as Kamaʻehu.
But more importantly, I cannot wait to be like my daddy.
We spent our fathers day at great grandpas grave
In fact, I walked around and said Happy Fathers Day to all those who have left us.
However, my Grandpa Cavaco kept drawing me back.
My last few days were spent just like how they started
in the beautiful sand of lanikai with the people I love.
Another joyous trip back to the motherland and what a lovely time it was!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 The one and only, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!

 I had to examine the playground first
 and none of it interested me
 I wanted to be out there with the big people
 Swinging is not my forte either.
 But we found a grassy knoll,
 made some new friends, 
and pondered life in the vast, new world of strawberries!